About Us

Welcome to Fancy Backdrops, one of the largest backdrop shops online. We offer professional photography backdrops, wall hanging blanket backdrops, and various kinds of backdrops for parties, ranging from Vinyl, poly and fabric materials.

Thousands of Photography Backdrops

Thousands of photography backdrops cover a wide variety of styles including flower walls, grass, wood, greenery, bohemian, city, country, romantic wedding, cartoons, vintage oil painting, you name it. All help you build a unique photography studio. What's more, you can customize your own backdrops by uploading the picture on custom pages or contacting us at customer@fancybackdrops.com.

Party Backdrops on a Budget

We also help you plan a perfect party on a budget such as a gender reveal party, birthday parties, graduations, wedding engagements, sweet 16 and other themed event parties. Fancy Backdrops provides party backdrops, stands and other props such as balloon kits, hanging flags, at affordable prices. The classic square stands, trending circle frames and popular arched walls are all provided at competitive prices.

Fancy Backdrops' Passion

Fancy Backdrops Team enjoys the challenge of creating and running successful businesses. We're willing to dig into more diverse backgrounds ranging from natural landscapes, animals, abstract paintings, etc. And we welcome your suggestions and ideas on a paid basis.

You'll love shopping with Fancy Backdrops Shop and feel good about your purchases with us knowing your orders are coming from a passionate place!

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