Iridescent Hexagon Sequin Panels Shimmer Wall For Party


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These premium sequin panels are perfect to decorate any special event, including weddings, bridal & baby showers, and birthdays. Add a great pop to any event. Create a sparkling backdrop with our shimmer wall panels. They are very easy to install, simply connect each panel with the connecting buckles, and no extra tools are needed.


    • Material: PET + PC
    • Size: 30cm x 30cm(11.8in*11.8in) for each panel

    Many Colors Available: There are many colors for you to choose from, if you cannot find the color you like, please contact us, and we can customize it for you. Email:

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    Shimmer Walls

    Our shimmer walls are super shimmery and glimmery and they're very easy to put together. Just a little bit of breeze will make them move around and really shimmer.  Shimmer walls can be used for decorating, branding and advertising. Such business signs and party backdrops imbue vibrancy into any place and are resistant to wind, be it rain or shine.

    Re-useable and Recyclable Material

    Our shimmer wall panels are the most lightweight, mobile and easily-installable sequin wall backdrop available. Each panel is made with polyethylene terephthalate, also called PET, which is 100% recyclable, versatile, and made to be remade. These panels measure 30 x 30cm (12" x 12"), and can hold square sequins.

    How to Install Shimmer Wall Backdrop Panels

    Easy to Install A Shimmer Wall

    STEP 1. Get a frame to support the sequin panels.
    STEP 2. Use the zip tie the panel onto the stand.
    STEP 3. Each panel has connection buckles, simply connect the buckle and snap it to the place one by one.

    Used For Various Occasions

    Our light-reflective sequin walls can be used for various including outdoor and indoor events. Take a step back and with the slightest air movement, your display comes alive and never ceases to amaze.
    🎈Thanksgiving. 🎈Baby shower.
    🎈Birthday Party. 🎈Mother's Day.
    🎈Gender Reveal. 🎈Anniversary.
    🎈Birthday Party. 🎈Bridal Shower.
    🎈Children's Day. 🎈Valentine's Day.
    🎈Christening & Baptism.
    🎈Wedding & Engagement.

    Customer questions & answers

    What occasions are shimmer walls used for?

    Shimmer Walls for Business Events and Trade Shows

    • Sequin wall panel booths
    • Exhibition sequin stands
    • Branding shimmer backdrops

    Shimmer Backdrops and Panels for Retail

    • Shimmer storefront solutions
    • Shimmer billboard solutions
    • Outdoor shimmer wall solutions
    • Sequin Walls for Interior Designs
    • Sequin Wall Backdrops for Wedding and Party Photoshoots
    How many shimmer wall panels do you need?

    These shimmer walls are 12 inches by 12 inches so in order to figure out how many of these panels that you need. You
    take your measurement width and height and you multiply it. it's pretty easy.

    • If you'd like to set up a 6x4ft shimmer wall, you will need 24pcs.
    • If you'd like to set up a 6x6ft shimmer wall, you will need 36pcs.
    • If you'd like to set up a 8x6ft shimmer wall, you will need 48pcs.
    • If you'd like to set up an 12x8ft shimmer wall, you will need 96pcs.
    What is the take down process? Is it as easy to unsnap as it is easy to snap into place?

    They just unclick to take them apart. Pretty simple but requires a little more force to take them apart versus putting them together.

    Obviously faster between 2 people but can be done with just one person. You can store it in 4 bigger panels so you don’t have to constantly assemble it.